My goals are all about bringing about positive changes in the world.

At the heart of everything we do in the world is our own human motivation. Sometimes were are very aware of how our lives are shaped by our motivations and sometimes the motivations are unconscious and we cannot see them.

Coaching with me can help you when your life does not match up to what you want. You are not able to see what changes to make or  how to make changes so your life starts to line up again.

Risk Consulting is designed to help you surface risks and issues that the corporation is currently not seeing. The Chief Risk Officer is often a pivot point. Information from all parts of the organization are flowing into your ‘awareness’ and it is your job to bring the messages up to the senior level of the organization, which is often unaware or unwilling to hear difficult messages about risks that are sprouting up in the organization. There is often a divide, or several, in larger organizations about the behavioural motivations, which can lead to risk exposures. Risk coaching can help you with new skills to bring these messages to the right decision makers. Or, you may be an executive team or a board and are not sure if you are getting the right information about what is really going on.

Entrepreneurial consulting is about helping you identify your blindspots, bring new skills to them and learning how to stay aware and awake through monitoring what is important to the success of your business.


I work with women. Often around issues relating to being confident. Confident about getting their own needs met. Confident about saying no and standing their ground. Confident about speaking up in meetings at board room tables or with their teams and bosses. Confident about taking their lives, careers, businesses into new directions. The women I work with are either employed or are working for themselves. What they have in common is a desire to create change in their lives; are willing to do the work to get what they want; who persevere; who are self-aware; and, who won’t give up on themselves. My business background often supports the coaching – I understand how corporate Canada works, and I am very skilled at identifying and correcting inefficiencies in processes, systems and ways of managing. I understand corporate culture AND I understand the challenges of the entrepreneur.

Risk Consulting

I work with ERM heads, executives and boards.  This work is about helping your company understand what can blindside your bottom line and how to prepare for that. I bring decades of experiencing helping big corporations identify and address their biggest risks. I have worked with $7 billion companies and with small not-for-profit boards. I bring my risk, control and governance experience and expertise; my coaching background; my training and facilitation experience; and, my own experience as a leader to the problem and will work with owners, executives and teams to resolve issues.

Entrepreneurial Consulting

I am excited to be offering this service. Many entrepreneurs don’t have formal training in business, in taking risk out of their companies, or in using dashboards to track success and failures. Often, the focus is on dealing with the crisis of the day. This firefighting mode does not leave much time for reflection or correction. I help by assessing where the problems are in the business, work with you, the owner, on implementing sustainable solutions and, if necessary, coach you on changing your habits from firefighting to forecasting.

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