About Ella

Ella has been working for herself since 2017, in her own practice consulting and coaching practice, and as an executive coach for LHH Knightsbridge. She loves working with people, helping to sort through knotty problems and support their growth towards greater confidence, resiliency, and joy. She sits on the board of a not-for profit organization called Gaming Research and Exchange of Ontario and is a volunteer coach for the charity Up With Women that supports women with rebuilding their careers after escaping violence and homelessness.
Ella has worked as an executive for many years in the fields of external and internal audit, enterprise risk management, business continuity and crisis management. What all of these have in common is the skill to quickly learn and understand how an organization works, where it is putting itself at risk and how to get these risks back within acceptable levels.

Ella has several designations: she is a CPA, CA; holds a Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) from the Institute of Internal Auditors; and she has a Master Integral Coachâ„¢ certification from Integral Coaching Canada.

This additional skill blended beautifully with her technical skill as organizational problems are typically a blend of processes, people and technology. Linking her people skills with her technical and process skills allowed for deeper influencing, better teamwork, and conversations with executives about difficult subjects that resulted in changes in the organizations.
Ella lifts heavy weights in her spare time. Her current personal best for an olympic clean is sitting at 102.5 lbs. She enjoys spending time with her sons and her dog, a very shy Husky, and fixing up her fixer-upper house.