My goal is to help 100 women increase their self-esteem. 

  • Who do I help? I work with women who are accomplished, competent, smart, self-aware, and motivated to bring about change in their lives. When my clients come to me there are also tired, have too much on their plate, feel buried in responsibilities, and have lost their spark.


  • What do I help them do? I help them get unstuck, re-build their self-esteem, learn to say no to what does not serve them anymore, go for their next big thing, feel good about themselves and re-introduce joy in their life.


  • Why do I do this work? Women are so talented and multi-dimensional and bring a wisdom into the world that is needed.  As women we often don’t allow our voices to be heard and our wisdom to come out. For reasons unique to each woman, we silence ourselves. Helping 100 women find their voices will increase the wisdom and joy in our world. Those 100 women start modelling new behaviours for other women, their daughters, their sons, their life partners, and it has a ripple effect. Think about the pebble in the pond. That is why I do this work!


What you can expect

A coaching program that is unique to you. I do the heavy lifting on creating your program, you and I together will refine it to make sure it feels like a good fit for you.

A structure that allows you to grow and see your progress. Your coaching program is the road map that lays out what it is you would like to achieve, where you are today in relation to that goal, what your future self would be like when you achieve that goal and the path needed to get there. The “path” is a serious of new skills that you build throughout the program. The program also becomes our North Star to navigate throughout – it allows us to course correct, to celebrate your successes and growth as we continue along this journey.

My coaching is based in Integral Coaching. I have a Master Integral Coaching ™ certification from Integral Coaching Canada. That means we work with body, mind and soul. Sound esoteric? We know, thanks to all the scientific advances over the last decades, that your thoughts have neurological impacts. That your body holds the story of your life so far. And that aligning with what matters to you brings about greater results and joy.

You will have homework in between our sessions. It is not enough to become aware of a habit or thoughts that don’t work for you anymore. You have to start behaving differently through practicing it. These practices are to help you build new muscles, i.e. skills, and just like in the gym, we build on these as we go through the program. We start with practices that are doable for you, like starting with the light weights at the gym.

I adhere to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. That means what happens during coaching stays absolutely confidential. You can read about this at their website ICF Code of Ethics and Conduct.

How can you engage in coaching with me?

I offer several ways you can work with me.

The first step is always free. This is a 30 minute phone call you book with me to explore if coaching with me is a good fit for both of us. You can book this with me by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

If the fit is good, you have the following options:

A multi-month coaching package. A typical program is 6 months long but can be as short as 3 months or as long as a year. It depends on the “size” of the change you want to make.

A 3 session package. This is great if you are new to coaching and have not worked with a coach before. After the 3 sessions you can choose to stop or you can continue by either doing pay as you go or select a multi-month package. One draw back is that if you use pay as you go moving forward you will not have the benefit of a full coaching program. The intake, assessment and customized coaching program are only included in the multi-month packages. The reason for this is that creating your coaching program means I spent usually a day to a day and half both assessing your current challenges in regards to your topic and creating the customized plan for you to achieve your goals.

Pay as you go. This is good if you just want to talk through a minor issue and get some coaching to gain clarity.

How much does it cost?

I want coaching to be affordable while still allowing me to have a roof over my head and food on my table and get paid for the experience/knowledge/training I bring to my coaching work. It is not a good thing for any of us to undervalue and underprice what we bring to the table!

I am not big on having a pushy sales call or strategies. Coaching is an investment in yourself and you should feel that you get value for money. I am happy to send you information on the pricing structure of the different packages after our free call or tell you what the pricing is when we talk.

I coach mostly remote. I use Skype or the phone. I have coached people across Canada and in the US. I can coach in person but then you’d have to be living within my area and what are the chances of that!

Most of my clients coach with my either during the evening hours or during the weekends. I set aside several evenings a week for my clients as well as time slots during both weekend days. I find that a lot of my clients are working and/or very busy during the day so these evening and weekend time slots work very well.

If you’ve read this far and you’d like to set up a free consultation call, please contact me by filling out the form below: