Entrepreneurial Consulting

Entrepreneurial coaching is a service that will be offered soon on a pilot/test basis.

I am piloting several methodologies to see which ones bring the most benefit to smaller organizations and/or solopreneurs.

My focus has been on understanding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not enough to have a great idea – you need know-how across a variety of specialty skills – some of which may not be your cup of tea, nor be part of your skillset.

I have worked with a business owners who took on an additional business in a field unrelated to their existing businesses. Their learning curves were steep and some of the new skills they needed related to managing staff, understanding new risks related to this new business, adapting their leadership style from “going it alone” to “I need to and want to delegate effectively.”

I bring a background in finance, operations, process improvement, managing risks, being resilient in the face of breakdowns, managing and motivating staff, and building inspiring visions.

I don’t have a sales and marketing background, nor am I skilled in IT, tax, or social media.

I look at problems from different angles and bringing new ideas and disciplines to the table. I am very good at systems thinking and looking at seemingly disparate things and putting them into a good supportive structure/system.

I am going to offer some of this on a pilot testing basis, meaning that you get to play in this space with me for free or for very low fees. This will likely happen in 2019. Stay tuned.