Risk Consulting

My Services

I am available to assist you with risk management training, risk assessments and advice on any part of setting up an ERM program/framework. 

I can design and customize the type of training you are looking for as well as any risk assessment work you would like me to carry out. In addition to technical work, i.e. risk methodology, risk assessments, risk frameworks and its components like a risk inventory, risk appetite, tolerances, key risk indicators, etc. I can help with risk reporting, both for business units, executive suites and boards.

If you are a risk professional or head up a risk function, I can help with facilitation training for your team or coach you on any aspect of your role/function. Risk staff often have tough messages to deliver to the senior levels of an organization and I can help you build the necessary skills to do that effectively. 

I offer a free exploratory 30 minute call to see if there is a fit between your need and my services. You can book your call at your convenience by accessing my calendar [insert link].

My credentials

I have worked in the risk management field since the late 1990’s, and my experience with internal control goes back to the late 1980’s. In the late 1990’s Risk management was just starting to get off the ground and so I have enjoyed being part of its evolution and maturity. 

I have built entire risk  frameworks and departments to implement risk management within organizations. I have also created and delivered education sessions on what risk management is and how to do it, both for front line staff, for management, for Executives and for Boards. I have facilitated many risk workshops, with boards or executive committees, and with working groups made up of all levels in an organization. And, I have created innovative solutions to carrying out risk management in a very dynamic environment. 

I worked for PwC for 7 years as part of their Audit Services group. My clients were large Canadian banks, small not for profits, commercial real estate companies and even an insurance company.

I built the risk-based audit methodology for a big Canadian Bank’s internal audit department. As part of that project, I also created training courses to train more than 100 staff in the new methodology.

I have managed audit departments, usually on an interim basis until a replacement could be found. 

I designed, built and implemented a full Sarbanes-Oxley program for a large Canadian retailer. The assignment was to create a program from scratch, including creating process documentation, internal control identification, assessment and gap reporting as well as an attestation process. 

How to get started?

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you, you can book a free 30 minute conversation with me to explore if I can assist you. Please complete the form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as humanly possible.